Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When the carnival came

The carnival came to town and my cat ran away. I bet your laughing, but it's true. Zinny, our black short hair has been with us for 14 years. She is really an unusual cat in that when we walk Oliver, our dog, she follows. She loves being outdoors just sitting under the hostas keeping an eye out for chipmunks and bunnies of which our neighborhood is full. so when she didn't come in for her hourly drink, we started getting worried. Suffice it to say that by 9 pm we were convinced that she was a) lost b) stuck somewhere c) caught by a coyote d)dead! It was horrible. If you don't have a pet it's hard to understand how attached our family is to Zinny and Oliver. What followed was a harrowing 4 days while Maya put out a Pet Amber Alert, canvassed the neighborhood, and plastered the area with poster of Zinny. Everyone knows Zinny and no one could find her. This story has a happy ending, however. She appeared at Maya's window at 3 am. None worse for the wear and hungry as all get out. The carnival left town and Zinny came back. Go figure.

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