Friday, October 31, 2014

The Eagle and the White Heron

Every day they arrive
and by dusk they are gone

Rain on the river brings the eagle

and the white heron

They know that brooks can run dry
but this is a river

The eagle rises to the top of an old pine

watches with steel grey eyes


Rain without sound
makes the river shiver

The white heron holds its

glorious posture standing on a rock

All summer I watch and listen

as their reflections shimmer in the old water

I listen for their advice

One midnight they came to me

 like emmesarries

dared me to fly through the thick woods

As I lay on the granite in the time of sleep 
I  sighed

a sigh so deep from within my blood vessels

It shook the leaves to the ground

Now I know why the calcium in my bones,

will turn to stardust.

Writing Credo

I am going to write a novel and get it published.  I’m going to do it because writing a novel is worthwhile and because I have the talent to do it because I have something important to say to the world.  I refuse to let anything get in my way.